Nail Appointment

Nail Appointment

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Want to book an in-person appointment with Olivia? Use this to pay a non-refundable deposit towards your entire total.
Must pay an upfront deposit of $10. You can pay the rest after your appointment. In event you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or do not show up, your deposit will not be refunded. Please DM me on Instagram @jayseenails or email me at to cancel an appointment.


Apres Gel-X Extension: $40
A new type of extension - durable, easy to remove, perfect shape every time. Can last 3-5 weeks. Includes manicure and solid colors.

Additional nail art is extra. The exact price will vary depending on the design you want.

  • minimal nail art (french tips, swirls, simple prints, etc): +$10
  • complex nail art: (detailed art, letters/words, décor) +$1-5 per nail.

Gel Overlay (No extension): $25
Includes manicure and solid colors. No extension, but a thicker gel is used to strengthen your natural nail. Good for long natural nails or nail biters.

Fill In + New Design: $35
Refill and rebalance a previous set + new colour/design. Includes manicure and solid color. For nail art see pricing above.

Natural Nail Color: $25
Regular gel polish over a natural nail. Includes manicure.

I choose the design! You pay $45 total for any length and shape. All crystals, art, décor is FREE! Perfect for the open-minded and original.