For further inquiries, please contact jayseenails@gmail.com. 


When will my order ship?
 All orders are planned to ship within 7 days of payment. Depending on the number of orders in front of you and the nature of your order, it may take longer. If you need a rush order, please select an expedited shipping option. 
How long will my order take to get to me?
Shipping times vary. Currently, due to COVID-19, shipping in Canada may take anywhere from 3-10 days to deliver after processing. Orders outside of Canada may take 7-14 days.
Can you make my nails faster?
Currently, I work using a queue system. So if there are a lot of orders in front of you, it may take longer to finish! If you need a package by a certain date please comment so during checkout.



How many nails am I getting?

 Every set comes with 18 press on nails, no sizing needed! 

Are these press ons reusable?

 Yes! Prepping and removing properly are key to long lasting and reusable nails. Please see HOW TO APPLY for more information.

How do I apply/remove my press ons?

 Please see HOW TO APPLY for details and info on how to apply and remove press on nails.

How long will my nails last?

 With proper prep, press on nails can last up to two weeks before a touch up is needed. Please see HOW TO APPLY for proper prep tips.

Will the glue damage my nail?

 It shouldn't! When removed properly there should be no damage to your natural nail. You can remove any excess glue with a nail file. 

I ordered two sets. Why did I only get one glue?

 One glue is more than enough for two sets! If you order 3 sets you will receive 2 glues, and so on. 

What are my press ons made of?

 All press ons consist of a soft gel nail tip, which is sturdier and higher quality than a plastic tip! That nail then is prepped and painted with quality, high-shine gel polish. 




How does the custom process work?

You can order custom nails through this website or Instagram. If there is a specific vibe, look, or design you want, send them to me and I will make them!

Can you recreate a specific picture for me?

Yes! Most custom orders are from people who are looking for a specific set from a picture they have. I can absolutely do that for you! 

If I cannot recreate the design/colours exactly, I will  do my best to create a similar but still cohesive set for you. Please check the return policy for more details on requesting custom designs.

Why should I get a custom order?
Custom orders are the best way to get your perfect set of nails - they can be tailored to your personality and interests, or recreate that one design you just can't get out of your head. Jaysee Nails is a great opportunity for a poppin,  head-turning set of nails!
What are Drops?

Drops are collections of non-custom nails on my site. They are priced at $35. These are my own designs, each made to order. Every once in a while, we get a new Drop! Anything from the previous Drop is then only available as a custom order. This is a great option for customers who don't want custom orders, and keeps me creative. They change regularly, so make sure to grab them when you can!