How To Measure Your Nails

Our sets of 18 nails don't require any sizing at all, but your personal nail measurements can be used when ordering sets of 10 nails for the perfect fit! There are three methods of measuring:

1. Measuring Tape: wrap the measuring tape around your nail and measure the widest point of your nail from side wall to side wall.

2. Ruler and Tape: wrap a piece of tape around your nail as smoothly as possible. mark the widest point of your nail on either side. place the tape on a piece of paper and measure the distance between the two lines. 

3. Sizing Kit: if you want to avoid all this work and make sure you have the exact fit you'll need, we recommend that you purchase a Jaysee Nails Sizing Kit. select your desired shape and size and record your best-fitting nails by their assigned number. 

For visual learners, here's a video how-to:

*Please note that I am not responsible for ill-fitting nails! It's important to measure your nails as accurately as possible to get the best fit for you. If you are in between sizes I will include both sizes free of charge.